Wright Co. advertisement for bids: mini-roundabout construction

Wright County Highway Project
Close May 6, 2021
Buffalo, Minnesota 55313
Advertisement for Bids: Notice is hereby given that electronic bids will be accepted through the Wright County online bid system until 11:00 AM on Thursday, May 6, 2021, for the reconstruction project listed below:
Contract Number: 2106
Location: CSAH 30/Tiger Drive Mini-Roundabout (CP 086-030-201)
Type of Work:     Construction of a mini-roundabout at the intersection of CSAH 30 and Tiger Drive. Pedestrian crossings, storm sewer and lighting will be installed in addition to construction of the mini-roundabout.
Length: 0.25 miles
Approximate major items of work are:
• Remove Bituminous Pavement: 3,200 SY;
• Excavation Common/Subgrade: 3,000 CY;
• Select Granular Embankment (CV): 1,4000 CY;
• Aggregate Base Class 5 (CV): 880 CY;
• Concrete Pavement 7.0”: 320 SY;
• Type SP 12.5 Non Wearing Course Mix (4,B): 270 TON;
• Type SP 12.5 Wearing Course Mix (4,F): 540 TON;
• 12” – 24” RC Pipe Sewer Design 3006: 150 LF;
• Construct Drainage Structure Design 48” – 60” (4020): 40 LF;
• 4”/6” Concrete Walk: 4,000 SF;
• Concrete Curb and Gutter Design B424,R324,V6: 2,000 LF;
• Lighting Unit: 8 EA;
• Seeding: 0.50 AC;
All project plans, proposal, instruction for bidders, the bid form and all other requirements are available at https://mn-co-wright.app.rtvision.com/oneoffice/bidding. You must log in with your ConneX account to download plans. If you do not have a ConneX account, you can sign up for a free account at https://connex.uccs.com. Then sync your account with Wright County on the ConneX site.
The advertisement for this project may also be viewed at the MnDOT State Aid for Local Transportation eAdvert web site at https://eadvert.rtvision.com/
There is no cost to download the bid documents. However, there is a $25 fee to submit a bid electronically through bidvault at https://bidvault.mn.uccs.com/
Virgil Hawkins
County Engineer
Published in the Herald Journal April 9, 16, and 23, 2021.

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