Winsted to consider redeveloping city website

WINSTED, MN – Redevelopment of the city’s website is one item to be discussed at the Winsted City Council work session Tuesday, July 19, which starts at 5 p.m. in the Lewis Room of city hall.

The regular meeting will follow, starting at 6 p.m. in the council chambers.

Look for coverage in the Friday, July 21 edition of the Herald Journal.


  1. Office of the Comptroller says:

    RE: $20,000 to $40,000 for a new website?!?

    Are you purchasing a new server–included in that amount? Is the site going to be gold plated? Which counsel persons family/friend is submitting the bid for service this time?
    Now I can see why the city parks look the way they do. After reviewing the City of Winsted current website homepage , perhaps a facelift to the current layout via a CSS 3 update applied site-wide for a cost of $500 (for labor) would be acceptable.

    I can see perhaps if we still lived in the late 1990s or early 2000s when web technologies and languages were in their infancy or there wasn’t much consistency. Specialized software or skilled laborers could charge a premium for services. However, we now live in a time where copy and paste, drag and drop are the norm. With predefined definition libraries and functionality apps a dime a dozen. With the use of HTML 5, internet forms, streaming video etc., is supported by the Browser and no longer need to use 3rd party components.

    With the implementation of HTML 5 for infrastructure and CSS for stylization ($59.99 for a how-to book); implement the use of GOOGLE or FACEBOOK authentication for a log-in device, and $12 to purchase a domain name for a year … and viola– a website that can sing and dance.

    - 4k to 10k for website hosting? Buy a $200 computer and launch Microsoft IIS services; utilize FileZilla (free); and purchase one of those back up power supply devices ($150) and host your own site. Then you have total control over your website. You can even have one of the public works people administer the thing with all there downtime.
    P.S. register your services with Google, and the world is your oyster. By the way, what do you think the people who host website use for data analytics? Their own homebrew software? No, some commercial software that costs them $200 a year… or something.

    Let’s take a look at McLeod County’s lackluster website. How much was shelled out to design that?!?! I hope good money wasn’t wasted here. To boot, must of their font is in Times New Roman. How original. Some company named REVISE. Which is probably owned or is a shell company for law-enforcement’s family members to contract government work for themselves… Kind of like TURNKEY and the vending machine people in the jails.. or SECURUS. .. but anyway not really what the scope of the comment is about.

    Give me $40,000 and I’ll automate the thing to answer phones and reply to emails… replacing your front desk employees.

    $20,000 I hope that comes with a lifetime service agreement and lifetime upgrades, proprietary rights and on-site help services.

    When riding a horse. Be the one that controls the horse. Not the one being taken for a ride.

  2. City Taxpayer says:

    Why is the city of Winsted just spending money just for the sake of spending money? Don’t they know there are a lot of “fixed income” households in Winsted? And the people who are still working, you are driving them right out of town! Why doesn’t the city fund the things the taxpayers want….roads, parks, sewer funds, etc. etc., etc. and not their pet projects such as the airport. They can’t even take care of the Lakefront Promenade because they want to spend the public works money/time on such projects like digging out a foundation at the new industrial park, and then the city staff pats them on the back for “having the time to do this for the city”. They didn’t “save” the city any money-this cost would have been passed on to the buyer of the lot anyway. And by the way-now that they have set a precedent for this can any taxpayer request the public works dept. to dig up anything on our properties? I will be waiting for a reply from city staff on this one!

  3. The Big Easy says:

    They can’t even take care of the Lakefront Promenade, You can say that again, isn’t that an eye sore in both directions. Weeds one way (lake side) and blight the other (building side) Not to speak of the new fountain in the lake that looks like a fire hose got loose, if the city is so intent on looking at what other communities are doing they might have gone over to Buffalo and checked out their fountain to see how they should work. They could also look at what other communities about police protect and downsize a bit.