Winsted explores Campbell Field dugout project

wildcat.dugout.winstedWINSTED, MN – Rather than approve a $40,000 improvement to Campbell Field Dec. 4, the Winsted City Council decided to get more information about the project through engineering work, not to exceed $4,000.

The project was initially proposed by the Winsted Wildcats at the Nov. 20 council meeting. The total estimated cost of $40,000, which includes about $4,000 for engineering work, would cover a new third-base dugout and enhanced seating area to accommodate larger crowds.

Council Member Tom Ollig, who is a member of the Winsted Wildcats board, said RAM has agreed to do a lot of the work almost at cost.

The Winsted Wildcats requested that the city finance the project through a low or no interest loan, and also forgive $10,000 of the loan. Since the initial request Nov. 20, City Administrator Brad Martens found that although the city can’t loan funds to an outside organization, it could become the general contractor for the project, and accept donations from an outside organization.

One benefit of the project is that it would make the field fit for regional tournament hosting. According to Winsted Wildcats member Chris Schultz, a tournament could generate about $5,000 to $6,000.

Another reason the Winsted Wildcats are hoping to complete the project is to correct drainage issues at the third-base dugout.

“We can maybe get a year or two of life out of the existing dugout,” Schultz said. “Before we do anything new, we really want to resolve this water issue.”

The proposed project would move water drainage to the north and west. One goal of the engineering work is to ensure that this would not create any new drainage issues.

The council also hopes to answer other questions, such as how much additional seating the project would include, and if there are any more cost-effective options.

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