Winsted City Council to approve siren battery purchase

WINSTED, MN – One item on the agenda for the Tuesday, May 15 Winsted City Council meeting is to authorize the purchase of a battery backup for an outdoor civil defense siren. It is to be purchased from Federal Signal Corporation for a cost not to exceed $8,530, and is contingent upon receiving a community partnership grant from CenterPoint Energy.

The meeting will start at 6 p.m. in the council chambers of Winsted City Hall. A work session will take place in the Lewis Room at 5:30 p.m.

Look for coverage of both meetings in the Friday, May 18 edition of the Herald Journal.


  1. City Taxpayer says:

    Why wasn’t this on the yearly budget list? Where is the money going to come from to pay for this-and also for the other one that is needed? The city staff must have known for many years that these two sirens needed battery backups and now in the middle it just jumps out to their attention? This should have been a line item in the budget like any other expense! Just another example of our “esteemed” city council and staff lying to us to “keep our taxes low”. Maybe the money should come from the city council/city staff pool of money in the 2018 budget!

  2. Responsible Citizen says:

    Hey ^^^ Debbie Downer ^^^ Maybe instead of complaining, you should attend at least one city council meeting in your life. Complaining is easy ….. coming up with solutions isn’t. You probably B&M at everything, don’tcha? Better yet, why don’t YOU run for City Council and apply some of your “wisdom” to the agenda items?

  3. City Taxpayer says:

    Let me put this in a perspective a child could understand-When you buy a car on payments you are bound on both sides on the agreed upon monthly payment, The loan company doesn’t get to come back with added charges halfway through the payment plan. The city should budget for these items DURING the yearly budgeting process and not constantly coming midyear and coming up with hidden agendas for purchases that need to be in the budget! That is what it means to Budget!