Winsted airport public hearing May 18

WINSTED, MN – A special Winsted City Council meeting is set for Thursday, May 18 at 6 p.m. in the council chambers at Winsted City Hall.

The meeting includes a public hearing for the Winsted Municipal Airport environmental assessment (EA) project.

The public comment period is open until Wednesday, June 7. Received comments will become part of the EA document administrative files.

Comments can be directed to City Administrator Dan Tienter ( or Environmental Protection Specialist Josh Fitzpatrick (



  1. City Taxpayer says:

    Why do the city of Winsted taxpayers have to pay for the airport improvements? Why do we have a FEE-TAX on our water bills for improvements in the city parks? The parks tax goes to pay for improvements in our parks for our children. The baseball team has to come up with $50,000 to pay for the ballpark improvements-Why don’t the people who use the airport have to pay for the airport improvements?????
    Maybe it is time for the city to SELL the airport and spend the taxpayer dollars on the citizens of Winsted!!!! We are subsidizing an airport for a lot of out of town people who don’t even pay taxes or spend any money in our town!!!! The airport needs to raise the fees for the people who use the airport so it can then pay for itself and not be a burden to the average taxpayer in the city of Winsted!!!!

  2. Airport Tax Payer says:

    Hello City Taxpayer. Do you know for a fact the City Taxpayers pay for the airport? I will tell you that you don’t. The airport is a self funded airport with Federal and State support. In fact, the airport does not cost you as a city taxpayer. The city is receiving funding plus as a hangar owner we pay a land lease and a user maintenance fee annually. We pay taxes just like all of you city people do. As a matter of fact we don’t use the HLWW schools but we are charged heavily with all the referendums that have gone thru and the increases in taxes. Did you know that if the city SELLS the airport that they have to come up with all funding from STATE and FEDERAL they have received for the last 20 years. I don’t think you do. City Administrator Dan Tienter when asked, informed us the City of Winsted uses NO tax dollars to run the airport. Our general assumption is that the city has been bleeding airport dollars into the general fund. As we never have a budget, I assume that is why.
    As a matter of fact we do bring revenue to the airport by supporting local places to eat, we buy our fuel from the city and Cenex gets a lot of business as well. Please get your facts straight before saying that the airport is taking your City dollars.

  3. Starrla Cray says:

    Thanks for your comments. Here is a bit of followup from City Administrator Dan Tienter, to further explain the city’s role at the airport:

    “. . . The City does not support any airport improvements or operations directly with local property taxes. At present, the City maintains two airport related funds – one for capital improvements and the other for operations. The City supports these funds, depending upon the activity, through charges for service (e.g., sale of fuel, land leases), and aid from the State of Minnesota as well as the Federal Aviation Administration. However, in the past, the airport operations fund has been loaned monies by the general fund, which is supported in part by local property taxes, in the event of a year–end deficit. As a loan, these monies are paid back over time, which ultimately results in no local property tax support for the airport. Additionally, it is worth noting that this form of internal financing is common for municipalities and have been employed by the City to support activities, such as the Campbell Field Improvement Project (general fund loan to park fund) and Industrial Park Expansion (general fund loan to industrial park fund). . . . Also, the current financing plan for either runway improvement project (i.e., turf restoration vs. pavement) calls for the current and future hangar owners to support the local cost share. Depending upon funding from the State of Minnesota, the local cost share will be either five or 10 percent of the total project cost. However, the City would need to finance any portion of the project that would be supported by future hangars and their owners, which could result in a similar internal financing strategy as mentioned above. The exact details of any financing strategy will not be determined until the City Council selects a runway improvement project alternative.

    “. . . While the City does not directly use any local property taxes to support airport improvements or operations, it also does not use any airport funds to support other City funds, operations or projects not related to the airport. . . . All current and past budgets from the airport are available upon request. Additionally, the City discusses the entire budget, airport included, through several budget work sessions, which take place between August and December of each year.”