Winning and losing are part of life

From: Keith Lemke
I was a resident of Howard Lake for most of my life; I built a home in Buffalo and moved there with my wife, Sally, in 1998. Because other interests filled our lives, I seldom returned to my hometown.
Chey Karels is one of our grandchildren. When Chey started paying basketball, we took an interest in the Howard Lake girls’ team. Now that we are retired, we have been able to attend many of her games.
I personally appreciate the girls’ basketball program for the way they trained and encouraged Chey, as well as the other team members.
Dan Herda and Jason Kuehn not only trained the girls how to win, but, more importantly, how to respect their rivals in a loss. We all know that both winning and losing are a part of life.
When I got upset with the refs when they made bad calls– because I clearly knew more than they–I repeatedly watched the coaches calmly deal with each situation professionally. We could probably all learn from their actions.
Each girl’s talents in basketball were an asset for the team, and they used each to the best of their ability. We totally enjoyed watching each one of the girls progress throughout the season.
Sally and I enjoy seeing our old friends and will be forever grateful that Chey brought us back to Howard Lake. It will be with us forever.

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