Wildcats beat Waseca 5-4 at state tournament Sunday

The Winsted Wildcats stayed alive in the Class C state tournament Sunday, beating Waseca 5-4 in Delano.

The Wildcats are now in the final 16 of state, and will next be in action Saturday, Aug. 31 in Delano at 5 p.m. against either Lake Henry or Bluffton.


  1. Tom Westrup says:

    I sure wish I knew why you bother with a blog when it contains no timely information? Trying to keep up on both the Orphans, and Wildcats down here in Alabama. Both Sunday games have been completed, and if either team advanced, then their game will start in less than 5 minutes – but there are no indications as to whether or not either team advanced!!!!! Keep up, or you might as well not even offer this service. Thanks anyway.

  2. Wildcat says:

    It is hard for Aaron to keep this blog updated when he is actually the manager of the Wildcats and is on the field. HE Can only be at one place at a time.