Weinzierl family welcomes German student to Lester Prairie

lp-exchange-germanyLESTER PRAIRIE, MN – “Remember the cake?” Lester Prairie seventh-grader Kayla Weinzierl asks German exchange student Nina Kukowski after school one day.

These three words are enough to set both girls into a fit of giggles, as they recall a cooking mishap in which someone didn’t measure ingredients correctly. (Of course, each insists the other is the culprit.)

“They’re goofy – they like to have fun together,” laughed Kayla’s mother, Kim.

To hear Kayla and Nina talk, one would think they’ve been sisters for a lifetime. It’s hard to believe it’s only been four months since the Weinzierl family brought Nina home from the airport.

Photo: The Weinzierl family welcomed their German foreign exchange student to the United States Aug. 30. From left are Kim Weinzierl, Nina Kukowski, Kayla Weinzierl, and Kevin Weinzierl.

Look for the full story in the Dec. 31 Herald Journal.

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