Watertown ready for construction

wtnWATERTOWN, MN – Two road construction projects in the City of Watertown will result in detours for local motorists this summer.

The first involves work on Highway 25 from Bickford Street to White Street.
Watertown City Engineer David Martini of Bolton & Menk said the project involves upgrading the street with the addition of turn lanes, curb and gutter, storm sewer, and a paved sidewalk on the north side of Highway 25.

The project will also improve traffic flow, Martini said.
The project is expected to begin Monday, May 10, and be complete by early July.
The local detour, within the city of Watertown, will run detour Highway 25 traffic down Madison Street to Angel Avenue, to Bickford Street, and back to Highway 25.
The regional detour, to divert traffic around Watertown during the project, will run from Highway 7 to Carver County Road 21 west of Watertown, north to Carver County Road 30, and back to Highway 25 north of the city.

Both detours will be in place from May 10 to the end of the project.
The second project involves work on Carver County Road 20, and will be completed in two phases.

Like the Highway 25 project, it involves upgrading the road from a rural section with ditches to an urban section with turn lanes, curb and gutter, and storm sewer.
Two roundabouts will also be constructed, one at the “Y” intersection with Carver County Road 10 and Carver County Road 2, and the other at Paul Avenue near the new elementary school.
Martini said the project will also limit access to public roads wherever possible to improve traffic flow.
The first phase will start in early June, and will go from the “Y” to Newton Avenue.
The regional detour during phase 1A will go from County Road 10 along Highway 7 to Highway 21 west of Watertown, north on 21 to County Road 20, and from there to Highway 25. This detour will be in place from approximately June 1 to July 1.
The regional detour during Phase 1B will run from County Road 10 along Highway 7 west to Highway 25, north on Highway 25 to County Road 10. This detour will be in place from approximately July 1 to July 19
The second phase will run from Newton Avenue to the east end of the project. This phase will begin in August and continue until the end of the construction season.
The regional detour to bypass Watertown during this phase of the project will the “Y” on Carver County Road 24 to Carver County Road 127, and from there to County Road 20. This detour is expected to be in place from approximately July 19 to Nov. 1.
E-mail updates of road construction are available by signing up to receive them at watertownmail.net.

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