Watertown-Mayer School Board minutes 1/23/23

WATERTOWN, MINNESOTA 55388 Regular Meeting
January 23, 2023
I. The regular meeting of the Watertown-Mayer School Board in the Watertown City Hall on Monday, January 23, 2023 was called to order at 6:00 PM by Chair Hunter Feldt. Board members present: Feldt, Burns, Danielson, Schultz, Guetzkow, Neaton and Onell. Board members absent: None. Administrative team members present: Superintendent Schuler, HS Principal Hennen, MS Principal Guertin, ES Principal O’Connell, CE Director Dimmler, Director of Teaching & Learning Vieau, and Activities Director Szymanski. Absent: SPED Director Gronseth.
II. Visitor requests and consideration of the agenda.
Visitor MMS (Motion made and Seconded by) Schulz and Guetzkow to approve the agenda as presented. Passes 7-0.
III. Consent Agenda
MMS Burns and Danielson to approve the following consent agenda items: Regular Board Meeting of December 19, 2022; Truth in Taxation Meeting of December 19, 2022; Special Session Organizational Meeting of January 9, 2023. Passes 7-0
IV. Recognitions/ Presentations/ Showcase:
Mr. Szymanski recognized: All-State Volleyball player – Kate Thibault. Amy Dimmler introduced Susie Retterath (Young Royals Preschool and Early Childhood Education Coordinator) and Michelle Hess (Kids’ Co./ Caring Hands Childcare Coordinator). Both Ms. Retterath and Ms. Hess presented program updates and goals to the board and answered any questions.
V. Action Items -
A. MMS Burns and Feldt to approve Policies 413, 413F, 514, 516, 522, 524, 601, 607, 607.1, 616, and 806 for first and only reads due to non-substantive and/ or legal reference changes. Passes 7-0.
B. MMS Feldt and Neaton to approve the first read of Policies 410, 414, 414F, 415, and 506. Passes 7-0. T
C. MMS Burns and Guetzkow to approve the second read of the 2023-2024 School Year Calendar including grayscale version. Passes 7-0.
D. MMS Danielson and Onell to approve Resolution 23.01 directing Administration to make recommendations for adjustment in Curriculum Programs and Staffing for the 23-24 school year. Passes 7-0.
VI. Review/ Information Items -
A. ICS Representative Chris Vogel updated the board regarding ongoing construction project finishing. At this time, ICS has completed approximately 89% of the remaining punch list items. New lockers have recently been installed in the pool locker rooms and benches have recently been installed in the MS locker room. Two outstanding issues regarding the new masonry walls and epoxy flooring are in the process of being addressed. The Greenhouse and other ancillary projects will need to be completed in Spring/Summer of 2023. Clerk Danielson inquired about the progress of the warranty work on the flooring and plans for the masonry walls if the initial attempts are not satisfactory. Mr. Vogel stated that there are two other options for the masonry walls and warranty work regarding the flooring is progressing. Mr. Vogel did present a list of the original referendum bond projects and a list of those projects that were able to also be addressed beyond the original scope because of favorable pricing.
B. Chair Felt advised the board that he received a request from Education Minnesota Watertown-Mayer to enter into contract negotiations as the current contract expires on June 30, 2023. Negotiations will begin within the next few months.
C. Superintendent Schuler gave an update regarding the 2022-2023 Safe Learning Plan. This plan has recently had a few minor changes and was updated on 01.17.2023. A six month review of this plan is required by MDE because of the use of ESSER funds.
D. Activities Director Szymanski presented to the board the current list of co-op activities with other schools and presented to the board the current interestof a boys LaCrosse co-op with Mound Westonka – this would be a sport that would be for grades 8-12 and is unique as there is only ONE class for this sport currently.
VII. Administrative Reports -
HS Principal Hennen, MS Principal Guertin, ES Principal O’Connell, CLC Director Dimmler, Activities Director Szymanski and Superintendent Schuler gave verbal administrative reports.
VIII. Board Member Reports or open comments by School Board Directors -
Clerk Danielson and Treasurer Schulz gave verbal reports regarding committee meetings. Chair Feldt reported regarding his recent attendance at the MSBA Leadership Conference.
IX. Chair Feldt declared a five minute recess to end the formal board business.
X. Discussion and Presentation of the 23-28 Strategic Plan Progress
Superintendent Schuler presented to the board the current 2023-2028 Strategic Plan that includes the current Vision, Strategic Commitments and Benchmarks.
Discussion and word-smithing was completed. The current plan can be forwarded to the Marketing and Communications committee for continued work and final look. Superintendent Schuler feels that the plan may be at the content approval stage as part of February’s agenda, the members of the board agreed.
XI. MMS by Danielson and Burns to adjourn the meeting at 8:19 PM and is duly passed.
**NOTE: These published meeting minutes are only a summary. Full text is available for public inspection at the Watertown-Mayer District Offices or via the Watertown-Mayer School website: https://www.wm.k12.mn.us/Page/93.
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