Vote for the HLWW referendum

From: Dave Sherman
Soon, we will be voting on the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) referendum. The fact is, that money will be spent either in fixing up existing facilities to meet the health and safety standards necessary to accommodate the enrollment demands in the district, or to build a new facility.
If we elect to fix the existing facilities, it will only be a short-term solution and likely would be the most expensive solution for district taxpayers in the not-so-long term. I am confident that if you look at the cost of new versus refurbish, you will draw the same conclusion.
That is why your vote will make a difference, and it is why I am supporting the referendum.


  1. The Big Easy says:

    Excellent letter Dave, you couldn’t have put it any clearer. We will be spending the money either way, we might as well have all new facilities. This will also help on busing since all the middle school children will be going to the high school.

  2. King says:

    Easy to spend other peoples money

  3. Queen says:

    It is not an easy decision for the schoolboard to keep pouring our tax money in an outdated building. Plus we as tax payers should be happy that the scholboard is looking to save us money on the busing issue. The operating cost for the current middle school is more then the other 3 buildings put together.

  4. King says:

    If more people home schooled this would not be an issue. Or then could I ask for taxpayer money to keep my house a little warmer? Find ways to operate cheaper, that is what I do at my house. Put on a sweater, kids probably run around in tee shirts and shorts all day at school. See what I mean, easy to spend others money? Think about if it was your house and was too expensive to operate, would your solution be, “Lets build a new house”?? People are tired of raised taxes and some people can’t afford it. How about fund raisers and people who send their kids to the school donating more money? You would pay if you sent them to day care so not much different if you pay to have them taken care of in school.