Vote ‘no’ on unnecessary debt

From: Pete Kern
Apparently, the planners of these new school buildings, both high school and middle school, realized that there was no way they would be able to sway the people in the school district to vote for a successive debt of $50 million plus, even in what was then a good economy.
So, they decided to try to get it to us in two bites. Did they think our memory would be so short that we would forget about the millions of dollars they spent just five years ago?
What was unreasonable debt five years ago is unreasonable  debt today. Even more so, today’s economy can at best be described as unstable.
With a large portion of families in the country on food assistance, national debt sky rocketing, Federal Reserve printing $85 billion a month in fiat money, now is not the time to try and absorb huge debt. Anyone, who pays any attention to what is happening in Washington and around the world, realizes that our economy is a house of cards. It will not end well. That is reason enough to keep our own house in order so that we at least have a chance to be able to weather what is coming.
Don’t come with a defeatist attitude of saying that they will just keep voting on it until it passes. If that happens, it was simply because we got lazy. Then we deserve what we get. If they call for a vote six times, we need to be ready to vote seven times.


  1. King says:

    I agree with Pete.

    Face it folks, if taxes go up it affects everybody, not just homeowners. Your rent will probably go up also. The cost of a bottle of beer, the cost of a pizza, etc. We all pay so think about that when you ponder your vote.

    Be a good Marine kids, adapt and overcome. If school is too hot or too crowded too bad. Living and working conditions are not always perfect as they may be in your own home. Life is hard and best to learn at an early age to deal with it.


  2. Marie Riemer says:

    We are at a crossroads with the current middle school. It needs expensive repairs and those costs are nearly equal to building a new school. If the school board chooses to go the option of repair, they don’t even need a vote. Our taxes WILL go up and we are throwing money away at a dying building. So the argument that we cannot have taxes go up is invalid. One way or the other, they are going up. I prefer to have the option of voting where the money is spend and support our kids.

  3. The Big Easy says:

    The money will be spent either way. Do we want a new or an updated middle school. It seems pretty simple to me. Get on board the future train.

  4. King says:

    You are all a bunch of politians trying to spin it your way with bended truths.

    What you are trying to tell me is that the REQUIRED repairs to the current middle school are nearly $21 million dollars?

    What you are trying to tell me is that the school board has the power to spend nearly $21 million dollar and raise my taxes withoout a vote?

    You are spreading half truths for your benefit.

    Plus there seems to be options on what to do with the existing building if this passes. One of which is to leave a portion of the building standing. Will that not still cost us money?

    Plus in the new middle school how much NON educational expenses are there? How many new gymnasiums will there be? It is not just about desks and books. You all want a show piece.

    You can not tell me this is a good deal for Joe Q Taxpayer!

  5. Queen says:

    If we as a district do nothing, we will end up just like the McLeod west school district, But we will have a High school, and two middle schools with portable class rooms that we will need to add more over in Winsted, and in Waverly.