Transfer will not increase taxes

From Mike McNulty
LPS Superintendent
Hello, to the Lester Prairie School District residents.
I am writing to inform you of the upcoming special election that will take place Wednesday, Jan. 16 from noon to 8 p.m. in the gymnasium at Lester Prairie School.
The election will be asking the residents to vote on transferring the remaining funds from the Heating and Ventilation Project to the Capital Fund.
How much will be transferred? $755,455.83.
Why this transfer? The remaining money will be used to pay for a sprinkler system, asbestos work, east side roof, and plumbing.
Will your taxes be increased if the election passes? No. The money that would be transferred is already being levied over the next 20 years. The debt levy has been set in place by the Minnesota Department of Education to begin in spring 2013.
What will occur if the election does not pass? The $755,455.83 would be used to pay off debt from the project.
However, the sprinkler system and asbestos removal costs would then be levied through the Health and Safety Levy.
Your proposed tax statement has $71,275 of the asbestos abatement on it. If the election passes, this amount will not be levied.
If you would like to visit with me, call me at (320) 395-3001 to set up a time to talk.
I appreciate your school support. Come look at the improvements in your school. The students are enjoying the positive changes.

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