There is no debate with Tom Brady

After all the hype and hooplah, the Super Bowl has come and gone. Two weeks of endless storylines repeated over and over again. The old school coach against the offensive guru. The experienced team against the newcomers. The greatest quarterback of all time against… Jared Goff.

Two weeks of debating, contemplating and observing accumulated in a 13-3 win for the New England Patriots over the Los Angeles Rams. Most people were utterly bored with this game, and to a certain extend, I don’t blame them.

The explosive Rams offense could only muster up 3 points on 260 total yards. They didn’t even run a play from the red zone. The Patriots weren’t much better until a late game touchdown drive where they finally moved the ball.

The casual fan found the whole night a bore. The commercials weren’t exceptionally exciting and the game was a yawner… But was it?

The Patriots Dynasty is something rarely ever seen in sports. This level of success is not easy to come by. Even rarer, potentially, is a franchise trotting out the same Head Coach and Quarterback combination for the past 19 years. Oh, by the way, having that duo make 9 Super Bowls and winning 6 of them is pretty astounding as well.

Tom Brady is 30-10 in his career in the playoffs. If Tom Brady was his own franchise, here would be the NFL’s most playoff wins by franchise:

1. Steelers 35.

T-2. Packers, Patriots*, and Cowboys with 34.

5. 49’ers 31.

6. Tom Brady 30.

*In reality, he would be 5th because the only reason the Patriots make this list is because of him.

Some other records he has include; most regular season wins by a quarterback (207), most passing yards in regular season & playoffs (81,693), most passing touchdowns including playoffs (590), most division titles (16), most playoff wins (30), most Super Bowl appearances (9) and most wins (6), and most Super Bowl MVP’s (4).

I’d be hard pressed to try to find another quarterback to try to compare those numbers with. One of my favorite stats about Brady is that has thrown the most touchdowns to different receivers with 71. I’m not sure the Vikings have thrown touchdowns to 71 different receivers in the history of the franchise.

This shows how much the world has changed around Brady but how his world somehow stays the same. Many different linemen, running backs, receivers, coordinators and defensive players have cycled through the Patriots organization the past 19 years. Heck, Brady threw 23 touchdowns to Randy Moss in 2007 to set the receiving touchdown record and casually threw 3 touchdowns to former Viking Legend Cordarrelle Patterson this year. If that doesn’t prove his greatness, I don’t know what will.

But with all of these changes, two things have stayed the same. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. At 41 years old, we keep waiting for the year where Brady suddenly just doesn’t have it. But this year proves one thing: as long as Tom Brady is suiting up, the Patriots will be there in February competing for a Super Bowl. There is no debate. Tom Brady is the greatest NFL player of all time.


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