Team Urdahl wins donkey basketball game at HLWW

urdahldonkeyweb1HOWARD LAKE, WAVERLY, WINSTED, MN – The Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted Middle School gymnasium was filled with smiles, giggles, and donkeys Tuesday night.
Yes, donkeys invaded the gym for some down-home entertainment.
The event was a fundraiser sponsored by the Howard Lake Lions, and the company that brought the donkeys and refereed the games is called Dairyland Donkey Ball.
Three games were played with three different sets of teams.
The first game involved players from the state champion HLWW girls basketball team against members of the state champion HLWW boys basketball team.
Team members included Jeff Hammer, Zach Grangroth, Nash Faulk, Cody Langhaug, Ellie Wessling, Taylor Williams, Katelyn Klinkner, Katie Pettit, and Kayla Groos.
Next up was two more teams, adults and students this time. One team was headed up by HLWW Middle School Principal Brad Sellner, and the other by State Representative Dean Urdahl.urd
Members of Sellner’s team included Jeff Granrud, Allan Kvisto, Ed Kolosa, Kathy Leukuma, Gary Plamann, Nic Drusch, and Melissa Neske.
Urdahl’s team consisted of Alex Mages, Crowley, Jonathan Menden, Trevor Christiansen, Jenell Sawatzke, Maureen “Moe” Ogle, and Stephanie Friesen.
Urdahl’s team won the game 8-4. The two winning teams, both the HLWW girls and Urdahl’s team then played each other for the championship.
The two teams tied at 4-4, which precipitated some tie breaking games of arm wrestling, and rock/paper/scissors.
Menden arm wrestled Klinkner and won. Then Friesen won an arm wrestling game against Groos. Friesen also won rock/paper/scissors against Wessling.
After those three tie breakers, Urdahl’s team was announced the winner.
More information about this story will be in Monday’s Herald Journal.

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