‘Tail pipe girl’ goes viral

WINSTED, MN – With Winstock, as with any large event, there are small dramas that play out against the backdrop of the main feature.

One such minor drama went viral on social media Saturday.

It started when a young woman from Litchfield got her head stuck in a truck exhaust pipe.

Emergency services were called, and a recording of that 911 call was shared on social media.

A short video showing an emergency responder preparing to cut the exhaust tip in order to free the woman was also shared on social media.

Finally, the woman, Kaitlyn Strom, posted a photo of herself holding the cut-off piece of the exhaust pipe on social media. In a caption on the photo, Storm declared, “I am the tail pipe girl.”

This triggered a rash of comments. Some were hostile and abusive in nature. Others were more lighthearted responses noting many people made poor decisions when they were young, but there hasn’t always been cell phones and social media to publicize the consequences of those poor decisions.

Finally, there were those who defended Strom.

Strom herself posted a comment, the text of which is included below.  kaitlyn.strom.cmyk


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