Suspicious activity reported in Winsted

WINSTED, MN – In the last few weeks, the Winsted Police Department has received two calls regarding suspicious activity in the city.

For the first incident, a man came onto the homeowner’s property and took photographs. When confronted by the homeowner, the man stated that the house was in foreclosure and he was taking photographs for an insurance company. This was not the case, as the home was not in foreclosure. The man then left the residence.

In the second incident, two Hispanic men went onto a person’s property and attempted to open the garage door with an electronic device. They remained on the property for approximately 20 minutes and then knocked on the house door.

The homeowner said the men claimed the home was being foreclosed and they were checking out the property. When the homeowner stated that the home was not being foreclosed, they told her they had the wrong address. The men were said to be driving an older white van.

“I would like the public to be made aware of this activity and to make sure they call the police department right away if similar activity occurs at their residence,” Winsted Police Chief Justin Heldt noted.

The Winsted Police Department can be reached at (320) 485-2600. In an emergency, dial 911.

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