Super Bowl Grades

Super Bowl 55 wasn’t exactly a thrilling game. While the storylines were endless…

Is Tom Brady the greatest of all time? Is Brady too old? How does Tampa Bay hosting a Super Bowl affect things? Can Patrick Mahomes win back-to-back Super Bowls? Whose defense can actually stop either of these offenses?

The game actually kind of stank. So instead of critically analyzing the game, I will do some Super Bowl game day grades.

Tom Brady’s GOAT Status: A++++++

Let’s start with Tom Brady. Apparently there are some people who had some doubt about who the best quarterback was before this game. Additionally, somehow winning this game would cement his legacy as the best as if there was competition before.

Let’s get this straight. Brady already clearly was the GOAT and everything he does from the age of 43 on is gravy. The man has won seven Super Bowls, which is more than any franchise. The man is in the top two or three in every important statistical category for a career.

Perhaps more importantly is Brady’s playoff success. Brady is 5000 yards clear of Peyton Manning for postseason passing yards, 40 touchdowns clear of Joe Montana, has nine fourth quarter comebacks, is 34-11 in the playoffs (Montana is 2nd at 16-7), and got a first round bye in the playoffs 13 times. Brady is, always has been, and might always be the GOAT.

Patrick Mahomes’ Grit: A

It was known that Mahomes was hurt going into the game, but it wasn’t clear how badly. Tuesday it came out that Mahomes will undergo surgery to repair a torn plantar plate in his foot and the rehab will take several months.

It was clear that he was hurting as he ran around trying to make something happen. In today’s edition of “Stats that I didn’t know existed”, Mahomes ran 497 yards before throwing the ball or getting sacked during the game. That was the highest this season in the entire league. Mahomes did about everything he could to keep the Chiefs in the game, but he got almost no help which leads me to…

Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Adjustments: D-

I think there was an arrogance to the Chiefs game plan. They abandoned the run, didn’t help their struggling offensive line and receivers couldn’t catch anything. The Chiefs kept calling deep shot plays, but the Bucs continued to take away the deep part of the field. The pass rush continuously got to Mahomes, without much blitzing, allowing the double teams to work and causing him to scramble.

It seemed the Chiefs had a little bit of the “We’ve done this all year, we aren’t changing what we do now,” and the Bucs were ready for it.

Commercials: B

There were a handful that caught my attention, although the overall crop of commercials seemed to be weaker than normal. My favorite was for Cheetos, as it featured Ashton Kutchar and Mila Kunis (who doesn’t love that couple) as well as the 90’s rapper Shaggy. They spoofed his hit song “Wasn’t Me” and although it could’ve been better, the idea was brilliant.

Admittedly I’m a sucker for Beavis and Butthead, so the Paramount+ commercial got me to laugh out loud.

The Weeknd’s Halftime Performance: A

I thought The Weeknd had a great halftime show. As an amatuer musician, I always appreciate live music and respect performers who put their music first. Live singing and instruments are always a huge plus for me as well.

If we want to see dancing and lip syncing, we can watch a lip sync battle on Jimmy Fallon. I want to see an all encompassing performance, which The Weeknd definitely did.

While the bandages on the faces were odd, he played a bunch of certified wailers. If the last song he played, Blinding Lights, doesn’t get you amped up, I’m not sure what will.

My college roommate Baeza, who is a pop culture fanatic and is Ethiopian (as is The Weeknd), had the following to say:

“From the streets of Scarborough to the world’s biggest stage at the Super Bowl, The Weeknd’s halftime performance was the career culmination of the Canadian R&B/Pop performer. Performing with a full choir ensemble and cleverly masked back up dancers, 2020’s biggest music superstar rocked a red blazer and captivating grin that lit up Raymond James Stadium. 

Abel Tesfaye put on a firework display; vocally, artistically, and literally, that seemed to have the whole world in awe every second for the 14 minute performance. For every Canadian, Ethiopian and XO Fan across the world, this was a moment where they could all beam with pride as they saw their guy flawlessly rock the biggest stage in music.”

Minnesota Golden Gophers: A+

While former Gopher receiver and Minnesota Tyler Johnson didn’t have a catch, he was an essential piece to their NFC Championship win over the Green Bay Packers, so he still gets an A.

Forgotten in the shuffle perhaps was former Gopher linebacker Damien Wilson, who finished with 10 tackles in the loss.

The biggest winner of the night certainly was Antoine Winfield Jr. While notching six tackles, two pass deflections and an interception, Winfield’s biggest highlight came at the end of the game. After forcing an incompletion to end the game on a pass thrown to Tyreek Hill, Winfield went right up to him and flashed the peace sign.

For those that probably don’t remember, earlier this season the Chiefs beat the Bucs. In that game, Hill broke away on a deep touchdown, flashed the peace sign to Winfield and did a backflip into the end zone.

It’s safe to say that Winfield got the last laugh. A+.

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  1. Mandy Melrose says:

    This article: A++

    Winfield, or someone on the D line, should have been MVP.