Submit your feedback on digital-only newspaper

As you probably know, we are publishing a digital-only newspaper for our July 3 paper, with a free sample online of the June 26 edition.

After you’ve been able to take a look at it, we’d like to hear your comments – positive or negative – as well as any problems you encountered.

To see the online newspapers, click here and scroll to Complimentary Publications.

To give your feedback, here is a simple form. Thanks.


  1. Addie Mucha says:

    The paper was easy to read and looked very nice. But still — online newspapers are not for me.

    I still read books. Not a Kindle. I like the feel of the book in my hands. Same with a newspaper.

    And this week you had LOVELY pictures of the new Howard Lake Royalty. The girls always cut those out to assemble in their scrapbooks. And that’s the same for all the nice sports pictures that I’ve seen hanging on the refrigerators of homes I’ve visited.

    And as a teacher — I would cut out EVERY picture and article that contained a student doing something — and made a big bulletin board at school — that grew and grew as the weeks went on. There was always someone in the hallway looking at that board. I did that for 15 years in the old high school building at HLWW. And that’s why an online newspaper will never replace the real thing. At least NOT for me.

  2. Grace Nolan says:

    Only one week of this is enough. I PREFER paper edition.