Special meeting to discuss Winsted’s airport Thursday

WINSTED, MN – A special Winsted City Council work session will take place at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, July 13 in the Lewis Room of city hall to discuss the Winsted Municipal Airport.

Look for coverage in the Friday, July 21 edition of the Herald Journal.


  1. Ivana Tinkle says:

    O boy….more violation of Minnesota open meeting law……

    Keep the “here is how we are going to vote” sessions private boys and girls

  2. Starrla Cray says:

    Thanks for your comment. Actually, all city council work sessions, special meetings, and regular meetings are open to the public unless otherwise stated.

  3. City Taxpayer says:

    Once again…where is the average city taxpayer at 1230 pm on a Thursday??? I am at WORK trying to pay my taxes!!! So it might as well be a “closed” meeting for all that matters to the average joe in this town!!!