School referendum election folly

From: Jim Condon, Winsted
With such a large amount of money ($26 million) to be decided on, why is this a special election, on a Thursday, in the month of May? This election should have been held at the general election on a Tuesday last November 2012.
In my opinion, to get a true measure if voters/taxpayers want a new school or not, the election should have been held when a lot of people were voting, as there was last November.
Was the election held now because the school board and school district were afraid that with a large voter turnout last November, the referendum would be voted down? Or, did the school board and school district want to show state and national politicians that they can pull shenanigans just like the big boys do to get their way with money?
What if this bonding election fails? Are we going to have two more future elections until it does pass, just like they did for the new senor high school?
Having the election at this time of year is just wrong. And, the school board and school district should be ashamed of themselves for letting a few people decide what many people will be paying for the next 23 years.
PS. As of 5:15 p.m., around 900 people had voted.

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