Salary negotiation comments clarified

From: Tom Kelly, Wright County Attorney
I read with interest the article regarding my salary negotiations. You would think before the article went to print I would have been given a chance to respond. I am sure the paper would want to be as objective as it could be and not take at face value what Commissioner Sawatzke had said.
Was Commissioner Sawatzke truthful when he said if I didn’t get the dollar amount ($3,728), I would litigate? I didn’t get $3,728 and did I sue? Was Commissioner Sawatzke accurate when he stated other employees are getting no increase in pay? He knows that wasn’t accurate. In fact, it was his board that hired Trusight Inc. to do a job classification study for Wright County employees that resulted in numerous employees receiving a pay increase. In fact, every attorney in my office received a pay increase. If Commissioner Sawatzke is going to disparage someone, don’t play semantics.
Regarding the 2007 litigation, did Commissioner Sawatzke tell the paper that the litigation was commenced so I could be a part of the process that would determine my salary? That it isn’t fair for my salary to be set by other bargaining units that I was not privy to and who did not consider my duties and responsibilities and my experience, qualifications and performance?
Did Commissioner Sawatzke tell you their own labor attorney agreed with my position and recommended that the county resolve the issue?
I have worked too hard for 29 years representing the citizens of Wright County. I hope you understand why I had to respond.
If anyone has any questions, thoughts, or concerns, by all means, contact me at (763) 682-7348. I have all the documentation regarding the above and would be happy to answer any of your concerns.

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