Return Judge Anderson to office

From: Marc Sebora, Lester Prairie
I am writing this letter in support of Supreme Court Justice Barry Anderson. Justice Anderson has served on the Minnesota Supreme Court since 2004, and on the Minnesota Court of Appeals for six years before that.
His years of experience have shown him to be a person of fairness and integrity in those matters that come before him on the bench.
Justice Anderson is a firm believer in the impartial role that courts must play in our system of government. Justice Anderson knows that the functions of the judiciary must be performed in a nonpolitical manner, and thus, Justice Anderson has declined all political endorsements.
Born in Mankato, and practicing law in Fairmont and in Hutchinson, has given Justice Anderson an appreciation of, and familiarity with, Minnesotans from all walks of life, with which he can continue to serve the state in his capacity on the Supreme Court.
I would ask that you vote to reelect Justice Barry Anderson to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

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