Property taxes cause ‘sticker shock’ in Winsted

WINSTED, MN – “It’s just not right.”

This statement was heard more than once at Winsted’s truth-in-taxation public hearing Tuesday evening.

Nine residents shared their frustration over high property tax increases due to a stated increase in their property values. The assessed value of properties is determined at the county level, and the city does not have control over this.

Property owners had an opportunity to challenge their assessed values earlier this spring, at the McLeod County board of appeals meeting. In spring of 2019, McLeod County residents will have an opportunity to challenge next year’s valuations.

In Winsted, the property tax levy is increasing by 6.93 percent, from $1,274,600 to $1,362,889. The city council plans to finalize this at its Tuesday, Dec. 18 meeting.

With these numbers, a home worth $200,000 in Winsted would have paid $1,406 in city property taxes in 2018. Assuming no change in value, that home would pay $82 less in taxes this year.

However, many homes in Winsted are valued substantially higher this year, according to the county’s estimates.

Look for the full story in the Friday, Dec. 7 edition of the Herald Journal.

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  1. Krista says:

    My taxes went up 24%. I’m new to the area if those who are part of the complaint could reach out to me I would greatly appreciate it.