Preservation project begins on various county roads

WINSTED, MN – A pavement preservation project is tentatively set to begin Saturday, Sept. 11 on approximately 21 miles of McLeod County roads. The start date is dependent on the progress of the contractor on other projects. The project is a combination of seal coating with fog seal and pavement marking. The project should take about two days. Asphalt Surface Technologies Corp. (ASTECH) of St. Cloud was awarded the project. The value of the work is approximately $500,000.

The roads will remain open. Flaggers and/or pilot cars will be present to help guide traffic; which should expect minor delays.

Seal coating is a preventative maintenance activity that involves applying liquid emulsified asphalt to a blacktop surfaced road and covering with aggregate. This process extends the life of the roadway and helps hold off costly reconstruction. Fog sealing involves spraying the road with a thin layer of liquid emulsion (oil).

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