Photo: January’s ‘Pet of the Month’ is a Scottish Highlander

HOWARD LAKE, MN – “They’re just like teddy bears,” Myron Boll says of the colorful cattle grazing out in his pasture.

Boll currently has 13 Scottish Highlanders on his farm in rural Howard Lake, each with their own personality.

“This one’s Molly; she’s the head cow,” Boll says, resting his hand on a large furry back. At about 15 years old, Molly is one of the more mature cows in the herd.

Look for the full story in the Monday, Jan. 26 edition of the Herald Journal. A different “Pet of the Month” is featured the last issue of each month. If you have a unique pet, contact Starrla Cray at

Myron Boll with his Scottish Highland cattle

Myron Boll with his Scottish Highland cattle

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