Nice present from Wright Co. Attorney

From: Randy Heuer
Howard Lake
Merry Christmas from your county attorney . . . give me a raise or I’ll sue you.
What a nice present we received from the Wright County Attorney, Tom Kelly, this past week. Give me a raise, or I’ll sue you. Not only am I disappointed in him, I never realized how unprofessional and childish he apparently is, but I am also disappointed in our county board for capitulating to his demands.
While I appreciate their discussion concerning spending money on a lawsuit and losing, the principle would have been worth the investment. However, most of my disgust is directed at the county attorney. I shouldn’t have been surprised, since he has engaged in this behavior before. It is disheartening that he gives all elected officials a bad reputation by taking this action. Please bear in mind, he is an elected official, who knew his salary before choosing to run for re-election in 2010.
He is quoted as saying that he  “did not go to college to be paid $30,000 less than comparable positions.” The proper thing to do, in that case, would be to quit and find a different job. That is what those of us in the private sector would do.
Secondly, he said it isn’t “unfair” to other employees for him to get a higher raise than others. It’s disappointing that he needs to be reminded that he is elected, not a typical employee. It is quite instructive to know we have such a childish person as one of our chief elected officials in Wright County.
I would have also expected the county board to cut an equal amount of expenditure from his office’s budget to offset his raise; clearly he feels we as a county have money to burn.
While I know that two years is an eternity when it comes to the electoral process, and I am not sure of. Kelly’s intention as far as re-election in 2014 is concerned, I do hope my fellow county residents keep this extortion in mind and give him what he wants in 2014, a job change.

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