Need for food donations continues

From: Marietta Neumann,
McLeod Emergency Food Shelf
Spring and March Madness are all around us. March Madness isn’t just for all the various sports, but for the food shelf also. It is time for the most important food drive of the year for the McLeod County Emergency Food Shelf.
It is at this time that Minnesota Food Share conducts a statewide food drive and gives a proportional match according to the amount of food and cash that each food shelf receives during the month of March.
The Feinstein Family Foundation from Rhode Island also gives a proportional amount of cash in accordance to the amount we receive, thus your donation at this time is of a greater value than the actual amount.
The madness for the food shelf right now is the big challenge between all the cities of McLeod County to see which one can bring in the most pounds of food and cash to the  McLeod Emergency Food Shelf determined by the pounds of food or cash collected per person according to the population of that city. This puts everyone on an equal basis, large or small. The past three years, little Plato has been the winner. Let’s see who can beat them this year.
Food can be dropped off at the various businesses that are having drivers or at either food shelf site: 105 E. 2nd Ave SW, Hutchinson; or 808 E. 12th St., Glencoe.
Everyone’s help and concern last year supplied food for 354,086 meals for needy residents of McLeod County.

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