Minnesota Twins Over/Unders for 2019

The 59th season of Minnesota Twins baseball has officially begun and I could not be more excited. After watching the Twins dominate the Indians yesterday afternoon 8-1 in the home opener of the 2019 season, there couldn’t be more optimism surrounding the squad.

As you probably can tell, I wrote this on Wednesday night. That explains why you were  wondering why I said they won 8-1 when they actually lost 6-0… Again, I guessed this second score on Wednesday, so I’m just throwing darts at a dart board hoping for a bullseye. (Digital edit: Impressive pitching effort by Jose Berrios in a 2-0 win yesterday! 1st Place 1st Place!)

Either way, I have to say I am excited about Twins baseball. I know that being excited for baseball isn’t really allowed since I am a millennial. Last I checked anyway, it was against the law in the United States to like baseball and be a millennial.

I have to admit that when I say I am excited for Twins baseball, I do mean it in sort of a millennial-esk way. Instead of doing a roster breakdown and trying to guess how 162 games are going to play out, let’s look at the season in terms of over/unders.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the gambling term of over/under, it is a pretty simply concept. Sports books will use data to predict totals for anything that can happen in sports. For example, they might say that Andrew Wiggins’ point total over/under for his next game is 22.5 points. This means that if you think he will score 23 or more points you bet the over. If you think he will score 22 or fewer points, you’d bet the under (which I highly recommend).

Here are some over/unders for the 2019 Minnesota Twins season.

The over/under for the number of games I will watch from start to finish on TV is .5 games. I will put my entire life savings on the under for this one. There is a 0% chance that I sit down and watch an entire game on TV willingly. Sorry!

The over/under for the number of games I will have on in the background while I’m doing other things around the house is 20.5 games. This was a tougher one. I’m still taking the under, but this gambling line is at least in the ballpark (baseball pun).

The over/under for the number of games I will attend is 3.5 games. Another close line for this bet. I’ll lean the under as my buddy Luke usually brings me to about 2 games a season. With my wife being gone for a month of the summer, there will be no date nights at Target Field. If I’m going to hit the over, Luke needs to step up his game.

The over/under for the number of times I hear about Buxton and Sano underachieving this season is 58.5 times. Sorry for being so negative with this one, but I’d bet money on the over.

The over/under for games the Minnesota Twins will win is 84.5. This is a stay away for me. Minnesota stumbled there way to 78 wins last season without Sano or Buxton providing much of anything. Assuming the core of the team is able to improve even just marginally, getting to 85 wins isn’t too big of a stretch. I simply don’t trust this team enough to bet on either side of this line. I’m saving my money to double down on the TV bet I made earlier.

In all seriousness, it is always fun to have Twins baseball back for another season. Despite there being roughly 6 foot tall snow drifts just a few weeks ago, Target Field was open for business yesterday and hopefully that is a good omen for the season. I guess we will find out after a thrilling 162 game season.

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