Millerbernd Systems, Inc. to become ProForm Fabrication, LLC

WINSTED, MN – ProForm Fabrication, LLC, a custom fabrication and contract manufacturing facility, is excited to announce the asset purchase agreement of Millerbernd Systems, Inc.

After 86 years of hometown fabrication, the Millerbernd Systems, Inc. will pass along the expertise and capabilities of quality manufacturing to ProForm Fabrication, LLC.

While the name and ownership will change, potential customers will find the same reliable experts ready to serve your needs.

“I’m pleased to see the company and staff remain intact through the transition. The new ownership has similar family values and pride in the success of the company,” said Ralph Millerbernd, CEO of Millerbernd Systems.

“The expertise of the company’s staff members forms a foundation that is able to serve the needs of several industries. The contributions of each employee are a pivotal part of sustaining Minnesota’s rural manufacturing economy and ProForm intends on helping them make the biggest impact possible,” said Brian Mumford, Chief Operating Officer of ProForm Fabrication.

ProForm Fabrication, LLC intends to be a custom manufacturer in the wind, agriculture, food processing and energy fields and remain in Winsted.


  1. Jane Otto says:

    Who is ProForm Manufacturing? Do you know where they are based or originated? Thanks.

  2. Jane Otto says:

    Sorry, one more question – do you know why Millerbernd Systems was sold? Again, thanks/