McLeod County public hearing: Fleischacker conditional use permit, Winsted Twp.

YOU ARE HEREBY notified that the regular meeting of the McLeod County Planning Advisory Commission has been scheduled on Wednesday the 22nd day of September 2021, 9:30 a.m., at McLeod County Environmental Services, Large Conf Room at 1065 5th Ave SE, Hutchinson, Minnesota 55350.
THE PURPOSE OF THE SAID MEETING is to consider the following applications located in the County of McLeod and filed with the Director of Environmental Services. All requests are subject to modification during the hearing process.
1)  A PRELIMINARY PLAT request by Alan & Patricia Fleischacker for a 1-Lot Preliminary Plat to create (1) additional buildable north of their existing building site, to be located (3.45 AC) – The S 869.00 feet of the N 1286.41 feet of the E 417.41 feet to the SE ¼ NE ¼ of Sect-16, Twp-117, Range 27 (Winsted).
2)  A CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT filed by Impact Power Solutions (IPS) for a period of (35) years on behalf of MN CSG 2019-19 LLC for the Essential Services of a 1MW AC Photovoltaic Community Solar Garden (Solar Farm) and Agrivoltaic (growing & harvesting plants) under the panels on approximately 8.00 AC of 11.21 AC in total on property owned by Thomas Horstmann and to be located within 33.00 AC of NE ¼ NE ¼, Sect-16, Twp-117, Range-027 (Winsted).
THESE HEARINGS will be held by the McLeod County Planning Commission at which time you may appear if you desire, either in person or by agent or attorney, in opposition to or in support of the proposed application. The County Planning Advisory Commission shall forward its recommendations on to the McLeod County Board of Commissioners. If you desire to provide comments or objections to the County Planning Advisory Commission’s recommendations, you may take your request to the County Board which has the final authority to act on the findings of the Planning Commission.
Marc Telecky, Director
McLeod County Env. Services
Published in the Herald Journal, Sept. 10, 2021.

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