Mayer Fire Department to show off new station at open house

MAYER – The Mayer Fire Department has a brand new station, and its firefighters are eager to share it with Mayer and the surrounding communities.

An open house will take place Sunday, Oct. 17 from 3 to 5 p.m. The new station’s address is 409 Shimmcor Drive in Mayer.

Driving ahead

The festivities will get underway that day at 2:45 p.m., when a procession of fire trucks will take a ceremonial drive from the old station, through Mayer’s housing developments and then on to the new station.

Speeches at 3:30 p.m. will be followed by a flag raising and a ceremonial entrance to the building.

Tours will be offered at the new station and refreshments will be available.

Mayer Fire Chief Andy Maetzold said the new station provides much-needed space to operate safely.

“We have room now to freely move around our trucks,” Maetzold said. “The new larger meeting room gives us the space and technology to host meetings and trainings with other departments.”

Maetzold said other built- in features were designed with a focus on safety during normal operations, as well as during training exercises.

The new station even has features designed to protect firefighters’ families.

“We have added showers so that the firemen can clean up after fire calls and not bring the carcinogens that we can be exposed to home with them,” Maetzold explained.

A nod to the department’s history will also be present: the department’s original fire bell will be mounted onto the roof of the new station.

Always room for a warm welcome

Maetzold indicated the Mayer Fire Department is always ready to welcome new members.

“If you would like to be part of the tradition, and experience what it is like to help out this great community, please contact me,” Maetzold said.

Maetzold may be reached by calling 952-657-2227.


Mayer’s hometown heroes

The Mayer Fire Department’s current roster includes:

Rod Maetzold – Chief 2

 Bob Carlson

 Tom Stifter

 Pat Esser

 Jon Maetzold

 Andy Maetzold – Chief 1

 Wayne Snow

 Josh McIntosh – Captain 2

 Adam Maetzold – Captain 1

 Brent Hilk

 Scott Theisen

 Kevin Nace – Lieutenant 2

 Nate McNeilly – Lieutenant 1

 Zach Stifter – Captain 4

 Frank Neudorff

 Dave Weibel

 Dennis Clark – Captain 3

 Ryan VanDerwater

 Cody Brunner

 Dan Martin

 Scott Gustafson

 Arich Juberian

 Erik Strand

 Carl Olson

 Austin Maetzold

 Michael Sommerfeld

 Camillo Christian

 Firefighter Reserves:

 Andrew Herd

 Dylan Maetzold




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