Mayer City Council not ready to go paperless

MAYER, MN – Mayer City Council is among the public bodies that have been contemplating switching from paper copies of meeting packets to digital copies on electronic devices. During its Feb. 10 meeting, the council decided on a 2-2 vote it is not ready to make the change.

Those in favor of a motion to purchase iPads for council members and city staff said the move would increase efficiency and transparency while reducing costs. Those opposed said the devices are a want, not a need, and said the feedback they have received from residents is that the devices are either not needed, or less expensive options might be adequate. There appeared to be general consensus that electronic devices are the wave of the future, but the council was not quite ready to take the plunge.

Read more in the Feb. 17 issue of Herald Journal.

One comment

  1. Tony says:

    Not saying I would be for or against, but spending $2,000 (for 4) to buy iPads is reducing cost? That’s a lot of years worth of paper – you can buy a pallet of paper for less at Staples. That would last the city probably 10 years, way longer than a lifespan of an iPad.