Major property valuation error could result in tax increase for Carver County residents

Carver County residents unhappy with tax statements that were mailed Nov. 13 could be in for even worse news.

Due to an error that placed an estimated market value of $189 million on a vacant lot that should have been valued at $18,900, the amount of tax revenue that the county expects to collect changed dramatically.

A correction has been made, and may result in an increase in the payable 2008 tax for the City of Waconia, Waconia School District 110, Carver County, and miscellaneous district property tax reported on the proposed tax notice, according to a release from Carver County.

The Carver County board will need to decide whether to cut the budget, or increase taxes. A special board meeting has been scheduled Tuesday, Dec. 11, 7 p.m. in the Carver County board room in the Carver County Government Center in Chaska to discuss the valuation correction and to consider the 2008 budget.

The error could also pose a problem for the school district, which passed an operating levy last month by a narrow margin.

Revised notices and letters will be sent to taxpayers in the Waconia School District prior to Dec. 10, according to Carver County.


  1. Theresa DeVries says:

    No,an increase SHOULD NOT be passed on to the taxpapers. Carver County made the mistake and made the taxs based on bad data. Carver County needs to go back to the budget and make cuts – plain and simple. This county is over taxed as it is.

  2. Tim Colliton says:

    No tax increase! The county has a spending problem; not a revenue problem! It is their mistake not ours; they need to find a way to remedy it with no tax increase in 2008 or catch tax increases in future years.