LPS appreciates community’s support

From: Mike McNulty
Superintendent, Lester Prairie School
I appreciate the community’s continued support of the Lester Prairie Schools.
We are always striving to better the learning environment and improve student success.  One staple in this step is the funding to support this endeavor.  The Lester Prairie School’s operating levy election was approved by the public Nov. 5.
What does this do for the school district and community?  The operating levy funds the daily operation of the school; with personnel and building operations as the major costs.  The school board can now keep moving forward in their planning.
Our staff continually betters themselves to accomplish our greatest task – the successful development of our students.  The Lester Prairie School District has also made improvements to the physical building, and this is essential to a great learning environment.
I want to express my appreciation for the approval of the referendum, and ask for your continued support of the Lester Prairie Schools.

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