LP Second Ave. South construction: whose fault?

From: Chuck Thiel
Lester Prairie
As someone who walks many of the streets of Lester Prairie every day, I get to see much of the activity that takes place daily. I don’t use fitness centers or treadmills. I need the fresh air and a break from computer and TV screens.
The street construction on 2nd Avenue South was of particular interest to me this summer because I grew up in that area. I understand the safety concerns for a sidewalk from the parks to County Road 1 because it is a county road with heavy traffic allowed. I do question why the sidewalk didn’t follow all the way to County Road 1.
If overrides in quote estimates became a concern, why should safety be sacrificed because someone underestimated the cost of the project? I doubt that the contract bidders would reimburse the county if costs came under bids.
Those involved in the project had ideal weather this summer for their work, and I was impressed with their efforts.
What became a disaster, however, was how a really level 2nd Avenue South became a roller coaster at a number of intersections. Someone really messed up in the engineering department.
Yes, a couple of yards have had water issues in their backyards, but that goes back to the 1950s. I know, because I grew up across the street. A few front lawns were nearly destroyed or at least disfigured by this project. Most yards were previously level and some were nicely landscaped. Now, a few of them have nearly 45-degree angles, or at least, nasty dips.
Some corrections in the intersections have already taken place, but many property owners will be forced to live with once-level front yards that now feature nasty dips. Someone really messed up, and property owners have every reason to be angry.

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