LP School Board votes to go for single-question, $13 million referendum in May

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Lester Prairie School Board, after an hour of intense discussion, voted during a special meeting Feb. 13 to ask voters to approve a single-question, $13 million referendum in May. The vote was not unanimous, and it was a departure from the two-question option recommended by the committee. Read about it in the Feb. 15 issue of Herald Journal.


  1. Bob Johnson says:

    This school board is delusional when it comes to “needs” vs “wants”. This school has supported large class sizes than it currently has in the past so all of this is a WANT….period.

    The fact that they asked for turf in the survey proves the fact that they are not realistic.

    This will go down in flames……

  2. School Supporter says:

    True, the school has supported larger class sizes but the school has more to offer. Computer labs, more special education classrooms (which the state requires), college classes, online classes and other class offerings. Those took over classrooms that in the past were used for normal classes. As for the turf football field I do agree that was a stretch but it wasn’t just for turf. It was for everything that could create a competition football and track located at our school (stands, concession stands, restrooms, etc.). The school board studied the survey and saw that ther wasn’t much interest in it so they didn’t ask for it. They want community input and community support. The school and community are tied together and I hope they continue to grow together.

  3. Concerned resident says:

    I agree with the guy above.. now they are just wanting, we are a small school and it needs stay that way.. if you look at the plan they are adding more frivolous things instead of classrooms. They say they need rooms, but are focusing on things that are not needed. Very few classrooms are planned. Most of the money is going to unnecessary things.
    …vote it down…

  4. Susan Heimerl says:

    Please walk through any school around before you think this is frivolous. Out pre school is now being held at St Paul’s Church, our kids are cramped in the lunch room, eating early and late to accommodate, practices are being held at. 6:30 at night, and our school is busy every night of the week. The school is the only thing Lester Prairie has going for it. If you care about the community, you will vote yes and be a supporter!