LP council trims 2019 levy

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Lester Prairie City Council conducted a special meeting Tuesday, Dec. 18 during which it reduced the 2019 levy by nearly $22,000. Read about it in the Friday, Dec. 21 issue of Herald Journal.

One comment

  1. Chief Robert N. Carlson says:

    I want to thank my Mayor and City Council for their continued support of the Lester Prairie Police Department. They are fully aware of what we do and the difficulties we face. The Lester Prairie City Council has supported us even when other organizations in this state have criticized us for how we do our job and how we deliver those services. Since 2001, Lester Prairie has three full time police officers (6240 hours a year) and a limited amount of part time officers (1200 hours a year) on duty and in service approximately 7440 hours a year. The other 1320 hours is covered by these same officers by being on-call for emergencies. This means the officers must be at home and “on the ready” for any emergency situations that present themselves. We are proud to serve our citizens and appreciate the support you give. Please have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Yes even on Christmas we are on the ready if you need us!