LP council hears appeal regarding dangerous dog designation

Lester Prairie resident John Richardson appeared before the Lester Prairie City Council in shackles and jail-issued clothes Nov. 13 to appeal the finding that his rottweiler, Lexy, is a dangerous dog. Richardson was serving a sentence in the McLeod County Jail on unrelated charges. During a hearing that lasted more than an hour and a half, the council listened to the statements from members of the Lester Prairie Police Department, city residents, and Richardson, regarding incidents that led to the dog being classified as dangerous. In the end, the council upheld the classification, citing concern for the safety of of Lester Prairie residents. “Anybody in Lester Prairie should be able to walk down the street without fear,” Council Member Ron Foust said.

UPDATE: Lexy gets a reprieve
The Lester Prairie City Council reversed an earlier decision Dec. 10, when it changed the designation of John Richardson’s rottweiler, Lexy, from “dangerous dog” back to “potentially dangerous dog.” Click here for more.

What would the ‘Curmudgeon’ (Ivan Raconteur) think of this? Click here


  1. roz kohls staff writer says:

    I’m glad Lester Prairie officials upheld the classification. People with dangerous dogs know darn well those dogs are dangerous. They secretly enjoy knowing people around them are intimidated by their pit bulls and “guard dogs.” They are not fooling anyone when they claim their dogs are harmless.

  2. Char Gatz says:

    I think it is really sad that Lexy’s owner is such an idiot!!!! Lexy is quite possibly a very nice dog, but when you own a Rott there is a great deal of resposnibility that goes along with that!!! Most Rott owners are very responsible – but all it takes is one or two idiots to cast a bad reputation on a breed!!! Lexy’s owner had to be let out of jail to attend the council meeting – what’s wrong with that picture??? I have been an Obed. Dog Trainer for 30 years and have never had an agressive Rott in any of my classes – but the people that come to Obed. classes take responsibilty for their breed!!!!I get very frustrated and angry when I hear of idiots like Lexy’s owner – why does he not have a fenced in yard?????? I own a Golden Retriever and we have a fenced in yard, I would NEVER let her run down the street while I am cutting lawn and not paying attention to her!!! Alot of people do not like ANY dog chasing them and I am sure my Golden would run after the people in the street – she likes people, but the Goldnen does not have the reputation the Rott does so nobody would probably care! It is just too bad the dog suffers because their stupid owners!!!

  3. Kristen says:

    I find it very disappointing that blogs enable writers like Mr. Raconteur and Ms. Kohls to lower the bar of professional journalism standards by engaging in name-calling (“What would the Curmudgeon think of this?” – Raconteur) and generalizations (“People with dangerous dogs know darn well those dogs are dangerous. They secretly enjoy knowing people around them are intimidated by their pit bulls and ‘guard dogs.’” – Kohls). Thanks for doing your part to help diminish credibility in an industry where it is desperately needed.

  4. Kristen says:

    STET that first part: I misunderstood that Mr. Raconteur was just refering to himself in third person as the “Curmudgeon.” There may be some hope.

  5. Lynda Jensen, Editor says:

    Actually, Mr. Raconteur had nothing to do with it — I plugged his column there for the ease of our web readers.

  6. Steve says:

    John and his Rott should move to Winsted, their City Council does not have a problem with dangerous dogs running around town. Just ask the people across the lake who get chased while walking down the street in the summer with their families.

  7. Sandie Adams says:

    I will make no comment about John, Lexi’s owner, but I will comment on Lexi.
    I used to live right next door to Lexi until about 6 weeks ago. I have a small 4 1/2 lb dog myself (His name is Bear). Lexi has always been very gentle with my dog, myself and my grandchildren. She’s a scary dog when she approaches you primarily because of her size and the way she carries herself. However she is very gentle and loving.

    My dog bear has had her down on the ground, crawling all over her, chased her around the yard, and NEVER once was Lexi aggressive.

    It would be a shame to harm Lexi. I believe that would be abusive. The problem lies with the owner, NOT the dog. She’s a wonderful dog.