Looking for everyday heroes, acts of kindness

This is my first blog entry, and I have decided to make it a positive blog, if possible.  Most blogs that I know, or have heard of, are negative gripings of people who aren’t happy with the world.  In my opinion this doesn’t further the purpose of humanity or make life better, unless it somehow helps to identify or solve a problem.

Nevertheless, I am interested in honoring people in the community by mentioning everyday acts of kindness in my blog.  I need help to identify these people or good deeds because they usually go undetected. They are usually modest people.  But a little recognition reminds us all that we can be like them, too.

Please let me know — who was good to you today?


  1. Fran Piehl says:

    I would like to say Thanks to a Good Samaritan that cleared the end of my driveway after the snowplow filled it with icy chunks…..It was a very cold day
    and I just took a break from shoveling before tackling those icy chunks when this young gentleman drove up and offered to finish the job.
    Howard Lake has many good people who help each other.
    Thanks to this Good Samaritan, I did not get a name, you know who you are.
    Fran Piehl

  2. Cherilynn says:

    I would like to mention my friends from the contemporary service at St John’s Church in Howard Lake who are always there with warm smiles and hugs! They make my day every time I see them and they sure do make the world a better place! Love to all of you!!!!