Letter to the editor: Scoblic: LP community supports school

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Submitted by Joe Scoblic, teacher/coach

This will be my 30th year teaching and coaching at Lester Prairie Schools. I was drawn to this small, rural community, as it was very similar to what I grew up in.

What I have observed is that this friendly community of Lester Prairie is centered around, and takes deep pride in our k-12 public school.  My wife and  I chose to live and raise our children here and are very pleased with the education they received at Lester Prairie Schools.

I have observed this to be a conservative community, but one that has always been supportive and willing to support our young people. A great example of this is the fabulous support of the Bulldog Bash and numerous other school-related events.

It is very exciting to see our enrollment continue to rise and the different program improvements due to the support of our community.

Even though retirement may be in the future for me in the next few years, I will wholeheartedly be voting yes Tuesday, Aug. 13 to support many future generations of Bulldogs at Lester Prairie Schools.

Please vote to support our young people and our community.

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