Letter: Media and positive role models

From: Glenn Gruenhagen
I empathize with families who lose a loved one, whether a celebrity or not, such as in the case of the tragic death of Michael Jackson. However, it is a sad day when the media glorifies an individual whose life promoted sexual perversions and music filled with filthy lyrics along with bizarre and erratic personal behavior such as drug abuse and accusations of pedophilia, etc. (which resulted in financial settlements to parents amounting to millions of dollars. Is this the kind of role model our children should have?
One could conclude that the majority of our left wing liberal media suffers from a serious lack of morals, ethics and character with a total disregard for the welfare of our nation’s children.
It seems that much of our once great news media has become a “shallow, tabloid entertainment media” filled with censorship, lies and deceit. The liberal news media also seems to totally ignore the actions of true American heroes.
I recently read the inspiring story of Marine Mitchell Paige, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, our nation’s most prestigious military honor. On Oct. 26, 1942 in the Battle of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands after all the other Marines in his platoon were killed or wounded, Paige operated four machine guns for several hours and single-handedly stopped an entire Japanese regiment. Had that position fallen and the Japanese regained the airfields taken by the Marines, the outcome of the battle may have been significantly changed.
In the years to come, Mitchell Paige was repeatedly asked why he would be willing to put his life on the line for his country.
He said that the answers took him back to a Pennsylvania three room country school where the children were so steeped in the traditions of America that they literally felt themselves a part of a glorious heritage – where that teacher opened the school day with a Bible verse and the Pledge of Allegiance and where they memorized all the great documents that established the bedrock of America, such as the Gettysburg Address etc.
I wonder if the liberal media and our schools would promote role models such as Marine Mitchell Paige and his life experience and sacrifices, perhaps the scourge of illegal drug use, promiscuity and STDs along with a general lack of respect for US history and our military, which afflicts many of our young people, would be greatly diminished? The timeless saying “garbage in, garbage out” still seems to hold true.
As responsible citizens, let us try to encourage local businesses to eliminate some of the music, books and videos that promote immoral sewage and garbage to our young people. As a public school board member, I will continue to support the teaching of US history and patriotism, which brings peace and unity among people with diverse background in our schools.
I will continue to oppose the divisive and un-American education philosophy known as multiculturalism and diversity, which promotes racism, hatred, bigotry and violence in our schools and on college campuses. An excellent resource which documents this subject is a book titled “Illiberal Education” authored by Dinesh D’Souza, a recent immigrant and former Bush administration official.
In close, let me quickly add that many of our teachers and administrators are patriotic and try to instill the founding principles of US history and patriotism in our children.
Unfortunately the education bureaucracy such as the US Department of Education, the Minnesota Department of Education, the National Education Association and the Minnesota Education Association continue to support flushing educational sewage into our schools and colleges using your tax dollars.
Almost all the Democratic politicians, and even some in the Republican Party, support this education nonsense and stupidity, including both Minnesota US senators. The most recent being Senator Al Franken.
Now is the time for good men to redouble their efforts to prevent more damage and restore positive role models to our nation’s children.

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  1. Jodi Guckenberg says:

    How did a letter that started out discussing the medias coverage of Michael Jackson turn into yet another letter bashing the school systems in our country. As a school board member, Perhaps Mr. Gruenhagen should spend more time trying to work for the school systems, instead of bashing them. I would also like Mr. Gruenhagen to explain how multiculturalism and diversity promote racism. I cannot say that our school systmes are perfect, but we continue to strive everyday to do the absolute best for the students we serve. And please, patriot Mr. Gruenhagen, remember that our country is founded on a separation of church and state.