Lester Prairie will take another run at building referendum in August

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – During a special meeting May 31, the Lester Prairie School Board approved a bond referendum August 13 with one question asking for $13,650,000 in school building projects. This action follows a May 14 referendum that failed by five votes.



  1. Tony says:

    Just close the damn thing.

  2. Gini says:

    Maybe, it’s time to think about K-8 for Lester Prairie School.

  3. Supporter says:

    Tony, maybe you should move to a district that has cheaper taxes. Good Luck with that!

  4. Zack Strap says:

    I think the school board needs to look at which of the requested items are must have vs. nice to have. This is excessive and will fail again….

  5. The Big Easy says:

    It may or may not fail the next time, but if it does, believe me they will try again until it passes. No never means no it just means try again.