Lester Prairie school bulletin Wednesday, Feb. 7

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Lester Prairie School Bulletin
Feb. 7, 2018

Today’s Menu: Sub Sandwiches (Ham, Turkey, or Bologna), Lettuce Cheese, Onion, Steamed Green Beans, Fruit, Milk

Tomorrow’s Menu: Burrito with Salsa or Cereal Bar and Yogurt, Bread, Cole Slaw, Streamed Carrots, Pears, Milk

Congratulations to Delaney Sebora!  On Tuesday, Feb. 6th, she competed in the regional spelling bee in Redwood Falls. She placed 4th there which means she will now compete in the state competition on Tuesday, Feb. 20th in Fergus Falls.  Good luck, Delaney! 

Snofest Dress Up/Activity Days
Wed., Feb. 7 – No Dress Up Day – Activity Day
Thurs., Feb. 8 – Bulldog Spirit
Fri., Feb. 9 – Class Color Day
Dance for grades 6-12, 8:00-11:00 pm in the gym. Admission $4.00
6th grade – Pink
7th grade – Green
8th grade – Orange
9th grade – Blue
10th grade – Purple
11th grade – Red
12th grade – Black
Staff – Gray

Clue #1:
Welcome to Snofest 2018
I’m rhyming now, do you know what that means?
A week of events has just begun,
I hope you are ready to have some fun.

You can’t find me in a classroom
Or behind a locked door.
Don’t force anything open,
Go search some more.

Come back tonight for the coronation,
And back tomorrow for the next installation.

Clue #2:
Welcome back to another day,
Are you ready to hear what I have to say?
To know what you’ve found
Is really simple you see.
If you’re guess is correct,
You’ll see “You found me!”

The score for Star Wars will go down in history,
But the name of the ninth movie remains still a mystery.

John Williams, the wonder, the man with musical power.
Entertaining us, hour after hour.

Come to the Dark Side,
We will give you a cookie.
That is, of course,
As long as you’re not a Wookie

Clue #3:
Today is the day
To go out and have fun,
Shopping, skiing, or bowling,
I’ll be around when you’re done.

The lip syn/talent meeting that was scheduled at homeroom today will be postponed until 7:45 on Thursday morning in the library. Thank you!

Band students have begun collecting items for the raffle baskets. Themes are: 6-8th grade: Family Fun, 9th: Lazy Saturday, 10th: Camping/Grilling, 11th: Summer Fun, 12th: Baking
Please have items in by February 26th.

Junior high band students will need headphones on Monday February 12th for 7th hour. 

Any student in grades 7-12 who missed the Trap team meeting and is interested in being on the 2018 team, should see Mr. Bjork immediately.

Driver Education sign up is in the office and you must be 14 year old prior to Feb. 20th. Slips will be available from Mr. Neubarth to fill out and return TODAY. We must have these in for the class list. Thank you!

Firearm Training will be held at the L.P. Sportsman’s Club for age 11 to adult. The classes will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on March 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22 and 27. Please contact Gregg Trittabaugh at 715-220-6257 to sign up for the classes.

Our 2017 Jr. Ambassadors, Brooke Heimerl and Leah Bull, invite all girls in grades 5-8 to participate in the 2018 Jr. Ambassador Program. Two girls will be chosen to represent Lester Prairie alongside our current Ambassadors. In addition, they will receive a cash award, crown and recognition at Prairie Days. This is a great way to see what the Ambassador Program is all about. Applications are due in the office TODAY.

Attn: Juniors and Seniors, College Representatives are beginning to make spring visits to our high school. Information on visiting schools can be found on my website or outside of my door. You must sign up outside my door to attend. This is an excellent opportunity to get information about different colleges.

LP Alumni and Families:  Teachers and community members are looking for info on our alumni.  If you have exciting news to share, please email it to schmidt@lp.k12.mn.us  We are looking for anything to share: (birth of a child, marriage/anniversary, new promotion, retirement, etc.)  Let us know how you are doing!  Information will be shared on our Twitter/Facebook sites. Things you may include:  Graduation Year, Maiden Name, Present Location, Exciting News, Current Photo.

Census Forms:  If you have or know of any children from birth to 7 years, please be sure they are on our census report. The census information allows us to get valuable info to our school district families.  Please contact the school to be sure you are counted! 320-395-2521

Conferences will be held on Thursday, Feb. 8 from 3:30-7:30 and again on Monday, Feb. 12 from 3:30–7:30. Elementary students have assigned times and high school parents may visit their child’s teachers at any time on those nights.

Mrs. Helland will only be available for conferences on Thursday February 8th. Please contact her if you are unable to attend that night but would still like to meet. 

The next free lunch will be on Wed., Feb. 21 at the LP City Hall.

Homework Help is held with Jan Smith on Mondays and Jennifer Smith on Wednesdays.

Pennies for Patient collection totals:

K-Smith 1-Brandel 1-Larson 2-Roth 3-Anderberg 3-Bayerl 4-Oie
$36.82 $29.83 $37.83 $63.18 $51.43 $62.93 $327.15
4-Carmine 5-Mrs. Kramer 5-Miss Kraemer Elem. Total
$126.30 $6.02 $49.13 $790.62

6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
$6.84 $75.17 .01 .01 $1.25 $87.13 $46.24

High School Total Suckers Grand Total
$216.65 $17.85 $1,025.12

Monday, February 19
No School

Wednesday, Feb 7, 2018
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Hallway Walking  
Lester Prairie High School

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Groups – Girl Scouts  
Preschool Room

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Basketball – Practice Boys JV/Varsity  
Lester Prairie Gym

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Basketball – Practice 9-12 Girls  
Holy Trinity Gym

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CE – Basketball Practice  
Lester Prairie Gym

4th, 5th, & 6th grade girls 5:30 – 7:00 4th & 5th grade boys 7:00 – 8:30
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After Prom Committee  
Bulldog Central

After Prom Committee Meetings

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