Lester Prairie school bulletin Tuesday, March 17


Lester Prairie School Bulletin

March 17, 2020




Today’s Menu: Stackers with Taco Meat,  Rice, Shredded Cheese, Lettuce Salad, Tomatoes, Fresh Broccoli & Cauliflower, Pineapple, Milk

Important Notes and Reminders:


LP Schools will NOT be in session March 18-27.


The following students should report to Mrs. Mattson’s Room at this time:  Gustavo Albino Martinez,

Leslie Alvarez, Tommy Dressen, Steve Garcia, Ava Heimerl, Patrick Kelley, Robert Medina, Owen Niesen, Jake Sullivan, Matthew Tervo, Megan Tonn, Nissa Vandenbroeke, Isabelle Williams,


The following students need to report to Ms. Smith’s room 6th hour today:   Jayden Alsleben, Laura Amaya, Elizabeth Anderson, Freedom Bishop, Taylor Ebert, Zachary Ertl, Dexter Harrison, Paige Heimerl, Riley Heimerl, Zach Jackson, Kelli Kegler, Dylan Knoll, Alexis Kubista, McKenna Kutz, Alexis Langenfeld, Anna Litzau, Adrian Montano, Emily Radtke, Marissa Radtke, Cody Roush, Logan Roush, Daniel Ruelas, Peighton Ruzicka, Sydney Sheehan, Maddie Stuedemann, Anya Teubert, Warren Wolter , Jason Zimprich


Juniors and Seniors~  The Prom banquet at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater has been cancelled.  Grand March and the After Prom Party registration have been postponed.  Further details will be coming at a later date.


The Helland’s are involved in a fundraiser for 2B Continued called “Dancing Like the Starts” on April 11th, 2020 at the Glencoe City Center from 6-10 p.m.  All proceeds benefit 2B Continued which was formed to honor Shelly Teubert which supports the suicide prevention and mental health awareness.  Ticket can be purchased on line through their go fund me account.  Donations are also being collected in the LP School office which will go towards 2B Continued and will help the Hellands win that portion of the event.  Good luck to the Hellands!


The following students need to turn in their schedule forms for next year to Mrs. Mattson, please see Mrs. Mattson if you need another form: Alexis Kubista, Daniel Ruelas, Gavin Eckstein, Jose Martinez, Angel Diaz, Juan Espinoza,  Matthew Tervo


Activities and Sports:









MARCH 18 – 27

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