Lester Prairie school bulletin Tuesday, April 6

Lester Prairie School Bulletin

April 6, 2021



Today’s Menu: Quesadilla with Salsa or Turkey Sandwich, Lettuce Salad, Fruit, Milk

Tomorrow’s Menu:  BBQ Chicken on a Bun or Sausage & Cheese on a bun, Carrot Sticks, Applesauce, Milk



Important Notes and Reminders

Starting TODAY, Tuesday, April 6th

Door F on the elementary side of the school (Fir Street) will become the temporary main entrance to the school until the new addition is open.

Parents picking up or dropping off children between 8:15-3:00 must go to Door F to do so.

Door A will ONLY be open from 7:45 am – 8:15 am and again at 3:00 pm on school days.

After school parent pick-up will continue to be at door A from 2:55-3:05.

Kids Depot pickup/drop off will remain the same.


Attention Juniors and Seniors: Prom registration/payment is due tomorrow, April 7. There will be a table in the lobby from 745-815.

Mrs. A. Smith is missing a TI-30XIIS calculator.  It is blue and is engraved with LP-09 on the calculator and the cover.  If anyone has it or sees it, please return it to Rm. 145.  Thank you.

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors: Please turn your raffle tickets and money to Cheryl Bayerl ASAP.

I am missing senior pictures from: Laura, Wyatt, Garrett, Landon, Shem, Kelli,  Dylan Knoll, Ozzie, Adrian, Emily, Daniel, Makaisa, Brian, Ricky, Jason.

If you did not have your pictures taken or are waiting on your photographer to finish with them, please let me know. I can always take your picture as well. Get these in ASAP!  – Ms. Stender

All students will be dismissed every Friday at 11:40 until further notice due to the Executive Order by the Governor.

We are looking for items for the 2021 Bulldog Bash!  If you have items, you may drop them off at school or contact school and they will connect you with a Foundation member. Foundation members are: Becky Kerkvliet, Joe Scoblic, Terri Helland, Rick Heimerl, Mary Otto, Kim Kutz, Shannon Alsleben, Jackie Ziermann, Chris Schultz, Christine Mattson, Jackie Ruzicka, Shandon Mathews, Sara Drier, Kim Schauer, and Cheryl Bayerl.    The bash will be held on April 17, 2021, more information to follow in upcoming weeks.



Activities and Sports:

The Trap team will have an optional practice on Saturday, April 3. Official practice begins on Sunday, April 11.

Also, this summer, our girls soccer team will be hosting summer training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30-10am, starting June 15th.  This is for all girls interested in playing next fall.  These summer practices will be held at the Mayer Lutheran soccer fields.  If you would like more information, please contact the head coach Keith Traska at:  Keith.Traska@mayerlutheran.org



Tuesday, April 6

3 – 4:30 pm    Girl Scouts    Room 111

3:30 – 5 pm    Baseball – Practice 9-12    Lester Prairie – Municipal Field

3:30 – 5 pm    Baseball – Practice JH    Lester Prairie Bullbog Field

3:30 – 5 pm    Softball – Practice JH    Lester Prairie Bulldog Softball Field

3:30 – 5 pm    Softball Practice V/JV    Lester Prairie – Lions Field

3:30 – 5 pm    Track – Practice    Lester Prairie High School Practice Field

5:30 – 6:30 pm    CE – Soccer Practice (2-3 Maroon & Gold)    Lester Prairie High School Practice Field

6 – 7 pm    ECFE Family Night    St. Paul’s Church

6:30 – 7:30 pm    CE – Soccer Practice (4-6 Boys)    Lester Prairie High School Practice Field

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