Lester Prairie school bulletin Monday, Feb. 10

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Lester Prairie School Bulletin

Feb. 10, 2020




Today’s Menu:  BBQ Chicken on a Bun or Sausage Patty on a Bun, Steamed Corn, Carrot Sticks, Peaches, Milk


Tomorrow’s Menu: Sloppy Joe on a Bun or Turkey Sandwich, Steamed Carrots, Fries, Banana, Milk


Important Notes and Reminders:


Congratulations to team 15264 the LP BullBots on a fantastic season.  They bowed out in the state quarterfinals this weekend at the 2020 FTC State Championships.  This means they finished in the top 24 teams of 205 in the state of Minnesota! Way to represent Lester Prairie!!


The following students will be heading to MSHSL solo/ensemble contest today during 7th hour: Paige Heimerl, Brooke Heimerl, Emily Rademacher, Sydney Sheehan, Michael Ruwersma, Ethan Schultz, Chloe Engelke, Zach Jackson, Evan Lee, Myranda Hentges, Zach Zebell, Kara Lee, Jenna Heimerl, Sarai Montano and Marissa Radtke. Good luck musicians!


Band students can start bringing in items for the raffle basket fundraiser until February 28th. Themes are 12th grade-Baking, 11th-Summer Fun, 10th-Camping/Grilling, 9th-Lazy Saturday and 6-8th grades Family Fun Night.


Parents of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors: LP After Prom Raffle tickets have been sent home with students. Each student is responsible for selling 30 tickets and returning them to Cheryl Bayerl. If you have any questions, please let Cheryl Bayerl know.


The Lester Prairie PTO wishes to send out a THANK YOU to everyone who has donated new and gently used books.  We have received oodles more than expected of multiple age groups including adult reading.  We look forward to seeing everyone at our Family Fun event on Thursday, 2/13 at the Lester Prairie School in the gym!!


The PTO will be making a Box Top submission soon. Please give nonexpired, trimmed Box Tops to classroom teachers by February 14th. Thank you for your ongoing support.


The Helland’s are involved in a fundraiser for 2B Continued called “Dancing Like the Starts” on April 11th, 2020 at the Glencoe City Center from 6-10 p.m.  All proceeds benefit 2B Continued which was formed to honor Shelly Teubert which supports the suicide prevention and mental health awareness.  Ticket can be purchased on line through their go fund me account.  Donations are also being collected in the LP School office which will go towards 2B Continued and will help the Hellands win that portion of the event.  Good luck to the Hellands!


February 17th through February 21st is School Board Recognition Week.  Thanks to the hard work of our school board members, our children are preparing for a bright future.  The members of the Lester Prairie School Board are Corbey Hentges, Rebecca Heimerl, Steve Ziermann, Mary Otto, Meganne Stifter-Knoll and Brian Heimerl.  Thank a school board member today!



Driver Ed winter classroom schedules are in the office.  Please fill out and return to Mr. Neubarth ASAP.  Thanks!


Conferences will be held Tuesday, Feb. 11th from 3:30 to 7:30.  Elementary students have assigned times and parents of high school students may come at anytime on that night nights.


Due to her part-time status, Mrs. Helland will only be available for conferences on Tuesday, February 11th. If that time does not work for you please contact her to set up a different time.


Mrs. Wood will only be available for the February 11 conferences, as she shares time with HT. If this night doesn’t work for you, please contact her to schedule a meeting.


The next free lunch for high school students will be on Wed., Feb. 19.


The following students need to turn in their schedule forms for next year to Mrs. Mattson, please see Mrs. Mattson if you need another form: London Groff, Alexis Kubista, Daniel Ruelas, Gavin Eckstein, Jose Martinez, Angel Diaz, Juan Espinoza, Jake Sullivan, Matthew Tervo





Pennies  For  Patients Totals:


K – Smith                   K – Walstrom                        1 – Brandel                1 – Willems                2 – Roth

$106.27                       $53.64                                     $49.65                         $47.20                         $107.04


3 – Bayerl                   3 – Anderberg                       4 – Oie                        5 – Larson                  5  Kramer

$27.86                         $46.38                                     $78.98                         $27.81                         $20.17


6 – Carmine               6 – Rogotzke              Preschool                    Elementary Total

$33.69                         $18.35                                     $27.23                         $630.49


7th Grade                    8th Grade                                9th Grade                    10th Grade                  11th Grade

$12.90                         $4.51                                       $8.60                           $1.10                           $85.16


12th Grade                  High School Total                 Suckers/etc.                Grand Total

$70.39                         $182.66                                   $123.91                       $937.06


No School

Monday, Feb.17


Activities and Sports:


Any 7 to 12 grade student planning on playing school softball this season, please sign up in the office.










Tuesday, Feb. 11
















Coming Soon

Family Literary Night

Hosted by

The Lester Prairie PTO

Thursday, February 13, 2020

5:30-7:00 PM – School Gym

Free Family Event with Games including Bingo for Books, Crafts/Make and Takes and Literacy Resources

For this event we need new and gently used books of all ages (including adult) as prizes for Bingo and other games

A drop box for collecting books will be located by the office for you to drop off your books or you can send them to school with your child















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