It’s Mark Ollig day!

Yes, it’s Mark Ollig Day today! The virtual parade will begin at 6 p.m., starting at the Blue Note and then following the usual course downtown (you must use your computer to view this. Stay indoors). We would ask for a speech, but were afraid that he would accept. One more note: girls, I was wrong about Mark being married. He’s not. Therefore, I will list him as an eligible bachelor on my virtual bachelors’ list.

Link to original column proclaiming Wednesday, Jan. 21 as Mark Ollig Day.

Here is a video of the Parade (scheduled for 6 p.m.):

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One comment

  1. Mark Ollig says:

    There are no words (actually there are many words) that can express this humble columnists feelings of joy, gratitude and massive embarrassment! ;p

    I want to thank the members of the virtual parade committee and to Lynda for her tireless efforts to have this day become a reality.

    Mark Ollig

    Humble columnist of “Bits & Bytes”
    “Bits_blogger” of “The Web Site of The Week” :)