Humphrey Elementary makes the list of top schools in Minnesota

WAVERLY, MN – This year, the Minnesota Department of Education recognized 526 public schools across the state as top performers in multiple areas of progress in school performance, according to a release from the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School District.

The recognition is a key part of the state’s new North Star accountability system that aims to create more equitable and well-rounded learning opportunities for all students across the state. Using data from the five key indicators that make up North Star:

• Academic Achievement Technical Specifications
• Progress Toward English Language Proficiency Technical Specifications
• Academic Progress Technical Specifications
• Graduation Rates Technical Specifications
• Consistent Attendance Technical Specifications
The state is better able to identify and learn from schools that consistently perform at high levels across multiple domains.
Humphrey Elementary in the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School District, ISD #2687, is proud to have made this list of schools for its progress in mathematics.  Humphrey Elementary students progressed at a rate that ranks them in the top 5 percent of progress made by students across the state.
“HLWW Public Schools is very proud of the work our staff does, pleased with the efforts of our students, and appreciative of the support from our parents and communities,” the release stated.

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