Howard Lake’s old Kadlec building coming down today

HOWARD LAKE – The building considered by some to be an eye-sore in the heart of downtown Howard Lake is being demolished today.  The video included via the link below was taken at approximately 10:15 this morning, and shows just a glimpse of the process.

See Herald Journal’s Dec.15 edition for more photos and information about Howard Lake’s revitalization projects.


  1. buddgoode says:

    The question posed is… Wait for it… Will the city of Howard Lake put something useful in its place? What do you think the answer is? Nooooooo!! The overpriced HL Legion needs more parking spots! Cokato, Winsted and Montrose all get a Dollar General and crappy ol’ Howard Lake gets a parking lot! Cokato, Winsted and Montrose all have 24 hour Casey’s and all the sidewalks in Howard Lake roll up at 10pm! Congratulations HL city council y’all do such a great job! You’ve managed to make this town even more worthless than it already is!

  2. Kingfisher says:

    If you dislike it so much then move. Then you can complain about another town.

  3. buddgoode says:

    Glad you enjoy living in a hole! If you actually think this town is worth anything them you definitely belong here right along with the rest of the mindless corrupt fools who run it

  4. buddgoode says:

    Just to add… I’ve moved away twice! Howard lake is like a black hole, don’t matter how far away you get it’ll suck you back in! Perfect description for Howard lake, a black hole! Population is lower now than it was in the late 80s, only because ppl are leaving to go live somewhere in a town that has something, not just a bunch of elitists who think they know what they are doing and the trump-like ppl who support them

  5. kingfisher says:

    somebody needs to get a life